Mass workouts


BeOne mass workouts are different from other workouts not only due to a variety of exercises that improve the central nervous system, blood circulation and respiratory system performance, strengthen muscles and cleanse thoughts, but also are versatile and not limited to a single training style because, only in our team, there are specialists on athletics, martial arts, healthy movement, multi-sport competitions, basketball and cycling sports who make each workout exceptional and motivate even more not to stop, because the more movements the body knows, the easier it moves.

BeOne club is also not indifferent to ecology. Although athletes and trainers are not specialists of this field, but we all have understood long ago, that ecology has a big impact on healthy lifestyle. This way, by cooperating with one of the biggest tire manufacturers in the world and the Organization of Tire Importers, the project, public mass workouts ”Visi varoom’i” was born. The aim of these workouts is to convey a message to the public not to pollute the nature by tire waste, but instead use them for exercising your body, i. e. healthy physical activity. It promotes the consumption reduction and paves the road for healthy ecology through a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, ecological aims and physical movements carried out using tires reduce the risk of heart and blood vessels diseases, enhance the overall body’s well-being. Due to the fact that a training cycle is conducted during autumn/winter season 2018-2019, workouts promoting ecology aid in tempering the body and not giving in easily to colds.

In the summer of 2018, in cooperation with a shopping town Urmas, a cycle of mass workouts “Discover the benefits of exercising with Be1” was carried out. During this training cycle, military, running, stability-mobility, martial arts, functional and strength workouts were carried out by different trainers.