Massage services

The main benefits of a massage are the reduction of muscular and emotional tension, the stimulation of blood and lymph circulation. A massage accelerates the activity of sweat and sebaceous glands, aids in combining endocrine and nervous system. During a massage, the squamous cells of the epidermis are removed from the body surface, the skin breathes better, becomes more elastic and smooth. A massage reduces tiredness, and gives a person liveliness, improves working capacity. In case of a sick person, a mild massage reduces pain.

During a sports massage, a pressure, stretch or tension is applied in certain places, this way deep tissue of the body called fascia is being massaged. The tension of fascia is what causes the muscle pain. During this type of a massage, chemical substance, endorphins, that work as painkillers, are released into the brain. Due to this reason, the mood, physical state evidently improve, the anxiety disappears.