Workouts for companies

BeOne gym not only seeks to educate residents and the public on health and healthy lifestyle issues, but also aims at taking part in initiatives of socially responsible companies.

Do your employees or colleagues sit the whole business day? Or, maybe, on the contrary, you stand all day at work and perform identical mechanical movements? You may not only help your employees feel better, but also support the goals of athletes of the BeOne gym.

We offer you to choose workouts prepared by BeOne trainers for companies. These workouts will aid not only in improving the health, physical fitness of your colleagues, but also will reduce muscle imbalance, aid in being energetic throughout the day and conquer the commercial Olympus easier!

By choosing BeOne workouts you will receive not only group workouts for your employees, but will also support BeOne athletes, take part in a noble mission, invest in Lithuanian sport activities, aid in ensuring a better future of Lithuanian children and will help making the name of Lithuania known. You would also fund the training of most talented athletes and their participation in international competitions, and, in return, BeOne gym will offer you not only group workouts, but also an opportunity to advertise on the sportswear of athletes of the club, the advertisements in the internet and in the sports hall.

In order to learn more information, contact us via e-mail projektai@be1.lt.