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trial training

11-18-year-old footballers do not need to worry, open training is the same as regular training, it’s just that team coaches and football analysts assess the potential of each player on the field. Appropriately evaluated footballers are invited to join the BE1 NFA team, and those who are not invited have the opportunity to find out and consult with the coaches, where they still need to work. All football players are warmly and respectfully received here!

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Vykintė Stankevičienė
Sporto Psichologas
Rimantas Cemnalianskis
Žiniasklaidos specialistas
Tsimafei Murashka
Marketingo specialistas
Pedro Pereira
Video analitikas
Marius Jakštas
Vartininkų treneris
Audrius Statkevičius
U-11/12 treneris
Dominykas Bartusevičius
Atletinio rengimo treneris
Edmundas Pukys
U-13 treneris
David Gallardo Rodriguez
Vartininkų treneris
Pablo Rios Freire
BE1 NFA vyriausiasis treneris
Techninis direktorius
Kristijonas Vegys
Komercijos specialistas
Pablo Rios Freire
Vyriausiasis treneris
Pavel Zhukov
Vaclovas Stirbys
Reabilitacijos specialistas