Dear BE1 National Football Academy Community,

On behalf of the entire BE1 NFA organisation, we are asking for your 1.2% personal income tax (PIT) contribution.

Your support is vital to our academy and helps us to ensure that our athletes receive a quality sports education and the opportunity to improve their skills.

Last year, our football academy received €3388. These funds were used for the following purposes:

  • We have included 10 young athletes of Ukrainian nationality in training and youth football teams free of charge, as well as providing free accommodation for two Ukrainians at our Academy.
  • The grant was used to purchase a VEO 2 camera. It is designed for filming and broadcasting football matches. VEO 2 is a state-of-the-art sports filming tool that captures every detail of the game and provides detailed analyses to help players and coaches improve their game.

All the money spent was earmarked exclusively for the activities of the Academy and the development of the athletes. We are constantly working to ensure that the funds are used for their intended purpose, taking into account the needs of the Academy’s footballers.

To make a GST contribution, you need to fill in Part 2 of your GST return and enter the name and code of our academy.

The BE1 NFA operates in a fully transparent manner, submitting annual activity reports to the football community for 3 consecutive years. By giving 1.2%, you are helping to make children’s dreams come true. Together we can do more!

Instructions for completion: