PI “Be1Sc”, established in 2017, is driven by the idea of raising a new generation pursuing the highest athletic goals and competitive not only in Lithuania, but also abroad, employing the most up-to-date and effective practice of athletic training. We also do not forget the public: we aim at promoting a healthy lifestyle by organizing various events, activities, sporting competitions and kids’ sports camps.

Mission: to discover and adopt best practices of athletic training and to provide everyone with an opportunity to reach their potential.


1. To train high-skilled athletes who would be competitive not only in Lithuania, but also abroad.

In order to be competitive in the whole world, it is necessary to follow most effective training methodologies. Unfortunately, due to the lack of funding, the majority of trainers do not have the opportunity to go abroad for an internship and enhance as well as refresh their knowledge. We aim at uniting the professionals of their respective fields and train future champions by employing most effective athletic training practices.

2. To create all the necessary conditions for an athlete to pursue the highest goals.

Considering the current athletic training situation, we understand that in Lithuania there are no suitable conditions for an athlete to reach the highest level and stay there. In order to implement them, primary needs must be met: appropriate sportswear and footwear, sports equipment, food supplements, auxiliary aids, training camps, etc. Without them, it is very difficult to attempt achieving results. Sometimes, in order to meet these needs at least to a minimal extent, athletes must work in addition to training, and it is very difficult to combine having a job and professional sport. The only goal of an athlete is the pursuance of results. We are aiming at creating conditions allowing athletes to concentrate on this goal.

3. To take care of athletes’ health in order to reduce the risk of traumas and diseases, to improve the quality of life during sports career as well as after it.

In Lithuania, it is often the case that even athletes of the highest level must take care of their own health. A trainer is frequently a “one man band”, who is responsible for both technical and athletic training as well as the treatment and prevention of traumas, psychological health, etc. Moreover, it is not uncommon to forget all the other things for the sake of results, sometimes the health of an athlete and the prevention of traumas are not taken into account at all. In order to achieve highest results, it is necessary: 1) to enlist the help of specialists of different fields: physiotherapists, athletic trainers, psychologists, nutritionists, etc. Only in cooperation with professionals of their respective fields, the best results can be achieved. 2) To train athletes with a long-term strategy, taking into account not only tomorrow results, but also a log-term perspective and health.

4. To educate the public by conveying the principles of healthy and ecological lifestyle.

Understanding the importance of a healthy and ecological lifestyle and wishing to make the public more healthy and responsible to nature, we will organize educational seminars, public workouts, sessions with athletes and healthcare specialists who would share their knowledge and motivation with the general public.

5. To organize local and international competitions, events, sports camps.

In order to aim at organizing competitions of the higher quality and to give more opportunities to Lithuanian athletes to compete on the highest level, we will start organising various events not only on local, but also on international level. We are certain that erudition is an integral part of a successful sports career, therefore, we will organise sports camps where we will not only teach how to pursue higher sporting results, but also develop an athlete as a well-rounded personality.

6. To educate the public regarding environmental issues.

BeOne administration and athletes seeking to be a socially and environmentally responsible team, understand the consequences of reckless consumption of the public well and together with their partners seek to educate the public and change its habits regarding environmental issues.


The smithery of talents that unites specialists of the highest level and athletes, where the main goal of each member is personal improvement and helping others to improve, where athletes would not be afraid of health issues and healthcare, where they can concentrate on pursuing their goals, where lives change and where the results speak for themselves.