Educational work

BeOne gym has gathered talented athletes and seeks to bring them up as participants of Olympic Games, World and European championships, who would properly represent their countries in the world of sports, and also seeks to educate the public on issues of healthy lifestyle.

BeOne gym, from its first days, has understood that a relationship with the public should not be based on the receipt of financial support, but the relationship must be reciprocal and the club must share with the public its knowledge about the benefits of sports. We understand and want to convey to you that an active person engaged in sports is a healthy person. And, regardless of how unpleasantly it sounds, a healthy citizen is significantly more useful to the state than an unhealthy one. After all, a physically active employee is always more useful to an employer, this kind of an employee is active, always has energy and is in a good mood, doesn’t feel tired, motivates colleagues by their enthusiasm. A physically active member of a community will always be useful for the society, and will have more added value for the business.

Guided by this approach, BeOne gym organizes free workouts for the community in different parts of the city or individual workouts for companies, during which we aim at educating the society about healthy lifestyle and proper physical activity.

BeOne club is also not indifferent to ecology. Although we are not specialists of this field, but we all have understood long ago, that ecology has a big impact on healthy lifestyle. This way, by cooperation with one of the biggest tire manufacturers in the world and the Organization of Tire Importers, the project, public mass workouts ”Visi varoom’i” was born, which aims at conveying a message to the public not to pollute the nature by tire waste, but, instead, use them for exercising your body, i. e. for a healthy physical activity. Through ecology into a healthy lifestyle.